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Popular Law Firm across United Arab Emirates.

Genesis Legal Consultants was established in Dubai (UAE), and also working in India, is founded by a highly experienced team of lawyers and legal consultants. Who were interested to work with the spirit of a team and improve the application of law as the approach of the jurist who developed their understanding of the nature and facts of the issues and its rights in constant principles. 

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Genesis Practice Areas

We got a team with solution for every problem you may have. 

Commercial Law

  • Cases of Commercial Partnership
  • Responsibility of Partners & Managers
  • Cases raised from replacement and integration
  • Cases of Liquidation of Partner

Financial Services

Our office advises on the scope and application of regulation across a board range of financial services sectors and maintains close contacts with the leading markets operators, financial authorities and regulators at federal, local and free zone areas.

Civil Law

  • Breach of Contract and Property Disputes
  • Provisions of Common Property
  • Reasons for Gaining Property
  • Money and Debt Claims

Personal Status

  • Disputes related to marriage rights
  • Financial and material compensation
  • Divorce settlements and spousal alimony
  • Inheritance issues (testate or intestate)

Legal Consultation

  • Our office convenes meetings with clients, listening to the details.
  • Studying the documents and files.
  • Follow up on their legal matters.
  • Provide advice also in criminal cases.

Banking & Finance

  • Ward the liability off the bank in compensation cases.
  • Providing legal advice for all bank interactions through an experienced staff in this field.
  • Representing Banks in case raised against by submitting legal defenses related to bank works

Our Message!

Genesis Legal Consultants is a full services Law Firm committed to deliver sound judgement to its clients on their most difficult matters. We with other local Law Firms are duly licensed to perform legal services and advocacy in UAE as well as in India. 

Our Law Firm recognizes the importance of stuff training so that our clients can count on our expertise in the various and complex aspects of law and & receive the highest level of personal services. 

We consider your expectations from us to be our foremost duty. We have been able to distinguish ourselves throgh our consistent and principled committment to our moral and professional values, which enables us to provide unparalleled services to our clients in terms of qulity. We never rest in our effort to satisfy you. 

— Genesis Legal Consultants

Contact & Location

You can call, email, or visit our office anytime with the details provided below. 

Office Location

Office #20, 18th Floor, Omniyat One Tower, Business Bay. Dubai (UAE)

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+971 50 516 9143
+971 4 451 7913

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